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The Haunted Mask, Paperback

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Prezentare Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask, two spookily linked Halloween stories- now in paperback
From horror master R.L. Stine come two new chilling stories in one spooky standalone:
Lu-Ann Franklin usually loves Halloween. Not this year. Her best friend, Devin O'Bannon, is going away for the week. And she has to go to a boring party where nothing exciting could ever happen. But when Lu-Ann comes face-to-face with The Haunted Mask, major trouble lies ahead.
Devin O'Bannon didn't want to leave his best friend Lu-Ann Franklin behind on Halloween. He didn't ask to go on this trip. And that was before he heard the strange scratching on his windows and saw the shadows moving around in the fields. Something is out there and it doesn't seem to want Devin around
Produs publicat in 2013 de Scholastic Paperbacks
Data aparitiei: Iunie 2013
Format: 19.33 x 13.39 x 1.52
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar pagini: 231
ISBN: 054541797X
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