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The Lost Island of Tamarind, Paperback

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It is not down on any map; true places never are.

Maya Nelson isn't your typical thirteen-year-old. She's spent her whole life living on the sea with her marine biologist parents, her younger brother, Simon, and baby sister, Penny. Maya used to love living on a sailboat, but lately, everything feels terribly claustrophobic. Maya longs to go to school on land. To make friends. To lead a normal life. But when a violent storm hits and Maya's parents are washed overboard, life becomes anything but normal. The children manage to steer the boat toward a mysterious island, to a place that doesn't exist on a map.

Welcome to Tamarind, where fish can fly, pirates patrol the waters, jaguars lurk, the islanders are at war, and an evil, child-stealing enchantress rules the jungle.

Maya never imagined she'd have to face so many dangers. But then, who could have imagined a place like Tamarind?

In her stunning first middle grade novel, The Lost Island of Tamarind, Nadia Aguiar tells a heart-pounding adventure story about a haunting, fantastical island cut off from the outside world. The adventure continues in book two, Secrets of Tamarind, and book three, The Great Wave of Tamarind.

"The book's magic . . . lies in Aguiar's precise, often lyrical descriptions." --The New York Times Book Review

"Aguiar's exciting debut novel is a cross between Peter Pan and Lost." --Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Spunky kids, perilous pursuits and marine mystery make for a smashing good read." --
Kirkus Reviews

"Each detail of this fantasy is crafted with care; readers will be drawn into this dangerous, magical world where anything is possible." --School Library Journal

Produs publicat in 2017 de Square Fish
Data aparitiei: Martie 2017
Colectia Book of Tamarind
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar pagini: 464
ISBN: 1250103916
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