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Discover the awesome world

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Discover the Awesome World, a bestselling Discovery Channel book, is bursting with jaw-dropping facts and out-of-this-world photos. Adults, teenagers and kids aged 9+ won't be able to put it down, fascinated from one amazing page to another. * Dramatic photos to bring the text to life for young learner. * Only features the most amazing information to keep kids interested from page to page. * Covers the key subjects of Earth, nature, science, technology, people and history in a fun, unique way. "This is a truly striking book, which promises hours and hours of fascinating reading - definitely a book to keep by you and to dip into and learn many fascinating things!" Parents in Touch Hundreds of mind-blowing photographs and thousands of astonishing facts showcase our incredible planet and everything on it. Discover the Awesome World gives core reference subjects an awe-inspiring twist. From Earth's majestic features and nature's great events to the amazing feats of risk takers and incredible archeological discoveries, the dramatic, action-packed text and dynamic design concepts provide a thrilling reading experience. Six amazing chapters inside Discover the Awesome World: * Earth's Wonders: Embark on an inspirational journey around Earth's extraordinary natural features. * Amazing Nature: Witness the must-see moments of spontaneous behaviour of animals in the wild. * Body Science: Take a top-to-toe tour of the human anatomy from amazing microscopic views to full-body X-rays. * Speed Machines: Experience the awesome power of acceleration as you hurtle through adrenaline-fuelled world of speed. * Thrill Seekers: Marvel at the amazing risks of daredevils pushing themselves to the limit. * Unearth History: Discover the marvellous mysteries and unknown histories of ancient artefacts and lost cities. Kids will love to discover the world with fun facts such as: * The Victoria Falls is about twice as wide and deep as the Niagara Falls. Its shimmering mist can be seen more than 12 mi (2 km) away. * In the 'Death Zone', above 26, ft (8, m), the air is so thin that no climber can survive for long. * In 1967, divers located a Greek city that sank beneath the waves about 3, years ago. Remains from the Pavlopetri site have been dated to between 28 and 12 BC.

Produs publicat in 2016 de Miles Kelly
Data aparitiei: Octombrie 2016
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar pagini: 224
ISBN: 9781782097815
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