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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

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SPEECHES THAT MADE HISTORY contains a selection of quotes, off-the-cuff remarks, retorts and announcements from across the world and from a wealth of opinions and ideologies, accompanied by a short background note to put them into context. Covering speeches from as early as 73 BC through to the modern day, they provide a broad picture of the way the use of rhetoric has changed - from the lengthy, impassioned speeches of the pre-mass communications era to the three-minute address or even shorter soundbite common now. From Descartes to Karl Marx, Barack Obama to Gandhi, some words are easy for all to agree with - others not so easy - and some contain ideas repellant to almost everyone. Hopefully, all will provoke thought. Chapters include: Ancient History Love Religion Science Patriotism Philosophy Humanity & Liberty Sport Politics War Miscellaneous

Produs publicat de Vintage
Format: 110 x 178
Numar pagini: 288
ISBN: 9781784874612
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