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3 Steps to Awakening, Paperback

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Prezentare Waking up or awakening means that the dream is over - the dream of unconsciousness we all spend most of our lives in - often a life of tensions, anguish, feeling unfulfilled and running after illusions which are just substitutes of what we are really looking for. This little book is actually a big book, containing Osho's entire teaching from an early period of his public life and teachings. He takes us through three steps on the path to awakening, steps to help us to get out of our conditioning, our limitations and frustrations. ``There are only three steps: freedom of consciousness, simplicity of mind, and emptiness of mind.``

For freedom of thought, for liberation of thought, and for the awakening of intelligence, the first thing, the first awareness that is needed is: ``No thought is mine. No thought is mine.`` While we read this book, Osho takes us through this experience of letting go of identification, allows us to get a glimpse what a life of awakening can be.

Produs publicat in 2018 de Osho Media
Data aparitiei: Ianuarie 2018
Format: 20.32 x 12.95 x 1.27
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar pagini: 120
ISBN: 9781938755736
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