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Bigger, Faster Leadership: Lessons from the Builders of the Panama Canal, Hardcover

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Renowned leadership consultant, Samuel R. Chand details the account of the construction of the Panama Canal, and draws parallels between it and successful leadership methodology.

"More passion isn't the answer, and bigger dreams aren't always the solution. Every leader is asking two questions: How can we grow? How can we grow faster? The only way organizations can grow bigger and move faster is by accelerating the excellence of their systems and structures."

--from Bigger Faster Leadership: Lessons from the Builders of the Panama Canal

An epiphany during a visit to the Panama Canal led Sam Chand--one of the country's most respected voices on ministry and marketplace leadership--to bold new insights on the life cycles of business or church organizations.

Simply: The size and speed of an organization are controlled by its systems and structures.

Produs publicat in 2017 de Thomas Nelson
Data aparitiei: Iunie 2017
Format: 23.37 x 15.75 x 2.29
Tip coperta: Cartonata
Numar pagini: 224
ISBN: 0718096460
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